Friday, August 5, 2016

French Country Cooking by Elizabeth David

French Country Cooking - first published in 1951 - is filled with Elizabeth David's authentic recipes drawn from across the regions of France.
'Her books are stunningly well written ... full of history and anecdote' Observer
Showing how each area has a particular and unique flavour for its foods, derived as they are from local ingredients, Elizabeth David explores the astonishing diversity of French cuisine.
Her recipes range from the primitive pheasant soup of the Basque country to the refined Burgundian dish of hare with cream sauce and chestnut puree. French Country Cooking is Elizabeth David's rich and enticing cookbook that will delight and inspire cooks everywhere.
Elizabeth David (1913-1992) is the woman who changed the face of British cooking. Having travelled widely during the Second World War, she introduced post-war Britain to the sun-drenched delights of the Mediterranean and her recipes brought new flavours and aromas into kitchens across Britain. After her classic first book Mediterranean Food followed more bestsellers, including French Country Cooking, Summer Cooking, French Provincial Cooking, Italian Food, Elizabeth David's Christmas and At Elizabeth David's Table.
I wish I had this book when I was starting my cooking self-education - it would have made it so much easier. David has this way with explaining peculiarities that allows you to sit back and absorb all the knowledge you need. No wonder she's referred to as the Britain's First Lady of Food!
The recipes are easy to follow and there is a wide range of them which allows the novice to choose according to their level of experience. And the anecdotes in between make it so much more enjoyable!