Thursday, February 2, 2017

Plain Brown Wrapper by Greg Lynch

A native Texan, Greg Lynch grew up in Dallas and has worked careers ranging from reporter to private detective to public relations, most of which involved shamelessly sticking his nose into other peoples’ business and writing about it.
Passionate about writing, Mexican food and college football, Greg lives in Dallas with his wife, his daughter and an assortment of animals.
Impoverished college student Allison Kerry only thought her life was complicated. On a broiling August afternoon in Dallas, it's about to get much worse. Political blackmail leads to a political payoff gone terribly wrong and the money ends up in Allison's hands, but she has no idea where it came from or who lost it. When those who lost the money try to take it back, Allison starts to realize she's stumbled into something far worse than she imagined. To make it through, she'll have to run a gauntlet of corrupt politicians, hired thugs, a sociopathic dog-catcher, a foul- mouthed mob hit man and a pearly-toothed televangelist.
Armed with only a single ambiguous clue and the help of someone she isn't sure she can trust, Allison has many questions, few answers and far less time than she thinks to piece everything together.
Ok, this onw made me laugh a lot! It is filled with humour, suspence and spiciness. It is so entertaining that it screams to be made into a movie! I loved the amount of information I was given as a reader. It was just right, not overly complicating the story and giving mee a clear enough image of what kind of characters I am dealing with. 
It definitely is a page-turner and the suspence is build just right, as it accumulates one follows how the characters develop with it until all the problems are solved. I great thriller. Lynch has crafted a diverse group of individuals, and each of them has an agenda that is logical and meaningful. Allison and her dream of becoming a lawyer while trying to support her brother and his ill son was one of the most gripping plots of the story. She makes a couple of decisions that may not seem logical to readers, but the decisions fit when someone is put into an illogical situation, as she is.
What  loved  the most is the twists. Althoug, some of them were kind of obvious they came in waves, keeping you constantly on the look for the next chapter. I read it in one breath!
I'm looking forward to reading whatever Greg Lynch comes up with next-- I think he will prove to be to Texas what Carl Hiaasen is to Florida. Lynch includes lots of little winks and "inside jokes" for readers familiar with the Dallas area, though any reader could find it relatable. An excellent summer read!!!5FOXGIVEN