Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Sender: A Story About When Right Words Make All The Difference by Kevin Elko, Bill Beusay

Dr. Elko received his Bachelors in Biology Education and Coaching from California University of Pennsylvania. He then went on to West Virginia University where he received two Masters and a Doctorate and was later inducted into West Virginia University Hall of Fame.
He went on to intern at the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs. In Sports, he has consulted with various successful NFL teams including The Pittsburgh Steelers, The Dallas Cowboys, The Philadelphia Eagles, The Miami Dolphins and The New Orleans Saints.  In college sports, Dr. Elko has worked with seven BCS National Championship Football Teams including The University of Miami, L.S.U., The University of Alabama and Florida State University.
In the business world, Dr. Elko focuses on helping organizations in the areas of Leadership, Goal Setting, and various other motivational topics. His corporate clients have included ING, Tyson Foods, Abbott Labs, LPL Financial, The Hartford, Genworth, Jackson National Life, Pioneer Investments, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Sun Life just to mention a few.
Dr. Elko is the author of four books, Nerves of Steel, The Pep Talk, True Greatness: Mastering the Inner game of Business Success and Touchdown: Achieving Your Greatness on the Playing Field of Business and Life.
Sometimes the right words make all the difference

A few months ago he was a high school football coach. Now Charlie Cristo is a cancer patient, battling not only an aggressive disease but also years of bitterness and disappointment. Then anonymous letters start arriving from a source known only as The Sender.

Lift your spirits. Work the process. Help one another. The short, wise counsel in the letters challenged Charlie Cristo to fight the disease ravaging his body and the anger threatening his soul.

What will you do with The Sender’s advice?

Based on actual letters sent to Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano during his cancer treatment, The Sender blends creative storytelling and inspiration to communicate a powerful message of endurance and strength. As you journey along with Charlie, you will uncover profound lessons that challenge you (just as they did Coach Pagano) to live a life serving and loving others no mater what trials you endure.

“The Sender will touch your heart and change your life.”—Andy Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of The Traveler’s Giftand The Noticer

“Dr. Kevin Elko has certainly contributed to our success in providing a new twist on focus, attention to detail, team work, and grit which is the blueprint we use at The University of Alabama.”—Nick Saban, Head Football Coach, The University of Alabama

“The message in this book can lift a spirit and save a life—trust me—for me it has!”—Chuck Pagano, Head Coach, Indianapolis Colts

“The powerful message in this book is clear. Incredible things happen when we decide to just put one foot in front of the other. And if you look around and don't like where you are, keep moving until you do—that's grit.”—John Tyson, CEO and Chairman, Tyson Foods

“Anything Dr. Elko writes is a must read—if you’re committed to being great in the game of life!”—Cris Carter, NFL Hall of Fame, ESPN Analyst
CANCER - it is never easy to talk about it, especially when you have been through it. My family has, and even though it has been 10 years since it was all over, and my Dad is all healthy and full of energy it just stigmatises you and changes you for life. 
Every once in a while a pick up a book that deals with the matter, just to make sure I don't forget how precious life is and that there are still people in the world who go through the same struggles, but not all of them have the lucky outcome my family did. 
If I have to compare The Sender to anything it will be P.S. I Love You meets The Fault in Our Stars... it is a very touching narrative that will restore your belief in humanity. It is inspired by the real-life story of Chuck Pagano’s fight against cancer. Although the story line is fiction, the letters are the ones that Pagano actually received from the mysterious persona, “The Sender,” and the life lessons contained therein are applicable to anyone, regardless of your particular struggle in life.
Throughout the story, there was a strong emphasis on choosing over feeling. This is usually not easy, regardless of your circumstances. And when it comes to circumstances, The Sender encourages the coach to “live in the vision” instead of living in his circumstances. Other lessons include choosing to be better instead of bitter, winning on three levels, fighting weary, and being where your feet are. My favourite lesson in the book, though, was the one about “fixin’ to”.
It is go-to book, when you need advice, consort or you have lost your hope. I definitely recommend it to every one, it is not just about people overcoming cancer, it is about living life and enjoying it. Exquisite read!5FOXGIVEN