Monday, January 11, 2016

The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle

"The Last Unicorn" is a tale that bewitches our reading senses; it is a beautiful story, gentle metaphor, longing and a lust for the beautiful, captivating narrated dream about the dream, it is Swan Lake, it is Casta Diva, it is a Monet.
In this journey of magic that has brought so much grief in transition, through the intelligent humour to the touch of the unicorn. When touched by a unicorn you never stay the same, you become the always looking for his trail, the always employing such deeds that would bring the unicorn delight and occasionally in your eyes green leaves will flash, gurgles will flow and small animals will run. In those minutes or seconds you will stretch to eternity, to the true, unattainable for us humans freedom and Grom red bulls his way.
For me, this story is not fantasy and somehow it did not fit into what we used to expect from the genre, the world of the book is not massive, epic, it is missing in numerous races and original spells. "The Last Unicorn" is a fabulous metaphor of life, quietly touching sense immortality caught by a peripheral glance, art or just the most beautiful appearance.
The style is interesting and unusual, the translation is more than wonderful, and the most amazing is that the story is filled with humour, which balances the pursuit of imaginations, and philosophizing us back to earth. However, even when galloping with unicorns, we remain mostly people.

I'd like to write more things, thoughtful and loud, I wish I could convince more and more people to read it. It's hard to find words, especially when it comes to such work. Indeed, this is just a fairy tale, but it is so current, diverse and real as life. Is not life Red Bulls and rulers who have lost their heart's desire, because it achieved? Such without longing that we offer only the wilderness of their own looted and sold soul? Do not cowards exist, as residents of Hagsgate that make their power possible?
Do not remove bored by hand, do not let them say - these are children's stories, real life is much more complex. Do not be part of that smug majority, which convened with badness in our lives and then justifies the complex life and stock indices. Do not neglect this small but valuable book, take the time for it and it will pay off with a real touch of a unicorn and a flash of green leaves in your eyes.