Monday, February 29, 2016

The Teleportation Accident by Ned Bauman

“You couldn’t truly love anything if you didn’t hate at least something. Indeed, perhaps you couldn’t truly love anything if you didn’t hate almost everything.” 
― Ned Beauman, The Teleportation Accident

I chose this quote for a reason, for this is probably the most gruelling review I ever had to write. There is not a single good thing I can say about this book. I realise that this may sound slightly harsh and that probably my judgement is extremely subjective due to the amazing books that I have been reading lately, but The Teleportation Accident has disappointed me severely.
The writing is of acceptable level, but the characters... Don't get me wrong: I have had my share in remembering names of characters from books that involve over 50 of them, sometimes even I have made the attempt to re-read whole books so I can make sense and differentiate between them, but for this work I didn't have the energy. All of them were at best stodgy. Mind you I even managed to find the narrator's voice aggravating due to his pretentiousness. 
as I am sitting here struggling to write this review I am beginning to feel glad I borrowed this one from the library in stead of buying it for that would have been money wasted on bull crap! How it got published, let alone how people got to write praising reviews for it all over the web, is beyond my humble comprehension. 
Don't be too quick to stigmatize me as lover of easy and frivolous literature, for I read heavy works with easy, and love sophisticated language in fiction, but random over-use of dictionaries for the mere puspose of showing off vocabulary just won't do! IT SHALL NOT PASS!
Comparing The Teleportation Accident to all of Bauman's other works is just offensive to his talent. At best I can call it a misfit. 
Usually, I would try to give a resume of the book, but I fear that this one will bore you to death. The Teleportation Accident is the book equivelent of that annoying friend we all have that would just never stop blabbing about and whining about this and that.
I will not recommend this book to anyone, unless you are up for hours lost on not pointless conversations on not having sex.