Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Penguin Book of Ghosts: Haunted England by Jacqueline Simpson & Jennifer Westwood

I borrowed this one from the local library, because I was up for some lore and to be honest I wanted some thrill in my everyday life. So I said to myself what's better than a book of "real" ghost stories?! In general the Penguin Book of Ghosts is a enjoyable, accessible and carefully researched book on a fascinating subject. It was written by two of the most trusted experts on the subject. Yes, it is somewhat distilled from the much larger, broader tome The Lore of the Land, which should mean it appeals to readers who are interested particularly in ghosts rather than folk tales, legends, oral history and other related items. England is probably the most haunted place in the world, and this book was supposed to be the perfect place to look for information on its less tangible residents. But, alas, my friends. I have say it. I do...

OK, so here it comes...GIRD YOUR LOINS... I'll need a deep breath for this one:


Despite the hype. Uninspiring old fashioned don't bother there are many modern ghost books out there that are better. Not worth having as part of a ghost tales library. I guess I really was expecting more, or I have read quite a lot on the subject already, but I don't think even a novice will be enjoying this one.

Overall, there were some gems in there, but mostly it was just "MEH..."