Monday, July 18, 2016

Shadowboxing With Bukowski by Darrell Kastin

Shadowboxing with Bukowski is the tragicomic, cautionary tale of a young bookseller who struggles to keep his bookstore afloat in the harbour town of San Pedro, CA, where the infamous Charles Bukowski resides. Pushed to the edge by events beyond his control: his flailing marriage, the curmudgeonly ghost of the former owner, and the community that sees him as an outsider, the intrepid book lover fights the noble battle against mediocrity and apathy while in a moment of desperation his wife enlists Bukowski’s aid.
Give me a bookstore story, library story, authors struggle's story and I am sold at hello. This book was a rare treat of the very, very good ones. Not for everyone thought, but those who love it, are gonna love it forever! Much like Bukowskian novel, this one you either hate, or fall for at the very beginning.
It is not grand, it is definitely not epic... but it is a classic case of brilliance. Edgy, yet very much humane, the novel tells the story of a guy who is mostly human, with his ups and downs. A quirky read for everyone who'd enjoy a well build character. 
The book is very much the internal monologue of the protagonist and is by turns humorous and tragic. Kastinovich seems always to want something more than his life is able to offer him, whether it's the romance he engineers with one of his customers, or the excitement of love notes exchanged with his wife's alter ego. However, there is no escaping the fact that he is running a business into the ground. 
My inner literature snob was DROLLING ALL OVER IT!!!!