Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sweet Resolve (Lucky #2) by Jill Sanders

Amy Walker is steps away from her perfect job. The day she makes partner at her real estate firm will be the happiest of her life, second only to the day in junior high when her tormentor, Logan Miller, finally moved away. But fate has a warped sense of humor, because Logan is back. In her town, in her office, gunning for the same promotion. Worse, the man is sinfully hot. But that won’t keep Amy from exacting the revenge he richly deserves…
Logan had reasons for acting wild in his youth, but he still regrets the way he treated Amy. Especially once he’s sharing an office with the smart, self-controlled beauty. For one thing, she’s got a wicked sense of payback. For another, he’s realized there’s something he wants much more than a promotion. And that’s to melt the ice he helped form around her heart all those years ago and to prove that loving thine enemy can be the ultimate happy ending.
Still checking out romance novels, still feeling weird reviewing them, still lacking confidence in delving with the matter... 
I am in a period of my life where I just need a blanket, drinking tea, and reading a nice sweet book…no angst, no crazy drama, just a sweet love novel. And this one seemed to do  the trick. I got me all fluffy on the inside and smiling by the end of it.
This had a lot of potential to be a really great story. I thought it would be funny and cute as Amy played tricks on Logan to try to get him back but actually she came across as really immature and the humour that should have been there was completely absent.
This was a quick read and pleasant enough. The writing style is a little simplistic, often just stating what is happening in the scene without much more depth. This makes some of the characters feel flat although the main two characters become a bit more fleshed out as the book moves on and are ultimately pretty likeable. 
I don't think I can actually say anything major... It definitely wasn't a masterpiece, but it was an enjoyable read.